Over the more than three decades that Maxwell Jones and Dennie Briggs knew one another and worked on many projects together, they held numerous discussions. In the early days, these discussions largely centered around group meetings: analyzing their content and dynamics and exchanging observations. And examining their own efforts to assist in the group process. They were, from the beginning, also attempts to arrive at a constantly changing mutual frame of reference with allowances for their individual differences. After they were both no longer directly involved in projects, and had time for reflection, the nature of their conversations changed. There was movement: they took the shape of dialogue where thoughts were changed through incorporation of each others’ views. As physicist David Bohm, has said, “It may turn out that the opinions are not really very important—they are all assumptions. And if we can see them all, we may then move more creatively in a different direction.”

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Cover image: "Selected Socio-cultural factors..." Briggs 1953

Dennie L. Briggs, Blanchard Lyon,
Herman B. Molish and Robert R. Deen
"Selected Socio-Cultural Factors Affecting Interpersonal Relations as Revealed by the Blacky Pictures: I. Discrimination Between 'Unsuitable' and 'Normal' Recruits"
Medical Research Laboratory U.S. Naval Submarine Base, New London
Vol XII No.12 Report No. 227  22 June 1953